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Featured Artist

We are super excited to have local artist Eric Archer display his amazing works on wood here at Mountain Float Spa!

Eric Archer is a Hudson Valley based woodcarver and painter drawing inspiration from nature and its bounty. He is known for his organic wall sculptures that channel natural patterns and the fluidity of light.  A lover of nature and art in all forms, he expresses this love through an artistic practice which overlaps with music, meditation, yoga, cooking, teaching, and poetry.  Eric’s work allows him to share his passions by serving others and building community with presence.

These woodcarved paintings are a hybrid of natural, found, and reclaimed materials channeled into wall sculpture through the human touch. His work allows natural and organic shapes and processes to guide his hand, where these patterns speak first, drawing the viewer into a sense of curiosity and wonder. May each work be an invitation into
presence, into place, through texture, geometry, and grace.

More at https://www.ericarcherarts.com/








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