Spring/ summer hours updated! Mother's day 5/14 open 10am-3pm

Floatation Therapy

Also known as sensory deprivation; is floating in a lightproof and soundproof cabin. This experience is designed to help you relax, relieve stress and heal your mind and body.

Our float spas are filled with 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts which allows you to be floating effortlessly above the water. The spa and the air inside are heated to 93.5-95.5 degrees (the same as your default skin temperature), so after about 5-10minutes, you won’t notice where your body and water separate. Our cabins are soundproof (minimizing the sense of hearing), and there is an option to turn off the lights (eliminating the sense of sight); that creates a sensory deprivation experience. This allows you to rid all the outside noise to be able to slip into deep meditations and self-discovery.

Floating nude is optimum, however if you would like to wear a bathing suit by all means bring one!