Spring/ summer hours updated! Mother's day 5/14 open 10am-3pm

Learn Massage Therapy

Tanya graduated from the Swedish Institute College of
Health Sciences in December 2012, and became
Licensed as a Massage Therapist in NY. She is trained
and certified in Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial,
Sports, Medical and Prenatal Massage, Stress
management, Geriatric massage, with attention to
Eastern modalities, including reflexology, polarity and
craniosacral techniques. She specializes in Deep Tissue
and Sports massage. During her schooling, and beyond,
she was a volunteer at the NYC marathons,
Shawangunk Triathlons, and many other sporting events,
including Music concerts and many other events. She
was a therapist regularly at NBC Studios, and in
NYC. Tanya’s motto is “Energy is real, and breathing
is half the battle!”. She believes in using techniques
that move energy throughout the body… Massage
should never be painful. Through her own pain and
trauma healing, massage has been a huge tool that she
has used in her healing and recovery process. Tanya’s unique style brings the most effective results through stretching and myofascial techniques, as well as all the relaxation benefits, which is the ultimate desired goal to be reached..

Tanya continues to expand her knowledge with continued education and learning new ways to heal the world one touch at
a time. She is a member of the AMTA.

➢ Since 2020, with the Covid pandemic happening, a lot of hands-on massage training was looked
over due to the visual/auditory learning through zoom classes. There has been an exceptional lack
in the massage world for a true healing experience. Being a student in school gives the opportunity
to work with other students to perfect your craft… but what if you didn’t take advantage of that
opportunity?…What if you’re out of school now and went straight out into the work field with no
hands-on, or with very minimal training? Would you feel confident enough to get an amazing job
with minimal hands-on training?

If you were given the chance to learn more beneficial techniques, how to take proper intakes, how
to make sure that clients have the most spiritual session from a true experienced healer, and with
the opportunity to work on other students, would you take it? What if you had a chance to work as an understudy at one of the most amazing float spas in the Hudson Valley with all this new training? Amazing opportunities await you!! I look forward to training future exceptional therapists!

➢ WEEK 1 – GREETING/INTRO/MUSIC/INTAKE WEEK–4:30-6:30pm-Mondays and
While you work in the field, you develop your own style of greeting and a new way to learn about
people in a fun, exciting and professional manner. You’ll learn that people are people, and that
we’re all human. Creating positive experiences with sad or tragic situations.

➢ WEEK 2 – BACK/NECK/SHOULDER WEEK – 4:30-6:30pm-Mondays and Tuesdays
While you work in the field, you develop your own style of massage. The flow, timing, and
fluidity of your movements can be felt through every touch. When you work with these areas,
you’ll find that this is where most people carry their tension. It’s just where stress likes to
land. With a certain hold and with the correct pressure, you never have to work too hard to get
the work done efficiently. Pain is not necessary. I will show you techniques that will minimize a
lot of frustration for both client and LMT.

There are certain areas of the body that are much more personal spaces than other areas.
Abdominal massage is something that should be addressed before the session. The main goal is to
open up the diaphragm to help with inhalation. Stretching throughout massage is a very effective
way to move energy and to work into the muscle deeper with no pain involved. Always make sure to
ask about injuries/surgeries/restrictions before the session.

➢ WEEK 4-LOW BACK/GLUTES/HIPS-4:30pm-6:30pm-Mondays and Tuesdays
We hold the weight of the world in these places. Most clients will have issues with these areas
because you’ll find that the majority have desk jobs, or sit all day, and mainly do not stretch on a
daily basis. You’ll learn how important it is to stretch these areas, not just on the clients, but on
you as well. These techniques will change your whole style, and it will make you stand out from
all the rest of the LMT’s.

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