What we Offer

Floatation Therapy & Massage


How we do it – Mountain Float Spa offers a quiet and tranquil environment tucked away in the heart of New Paltz, NY. From the moment you enter feel free to leave your worries at the door and enjoy a session of Floatation, Massage, or both! 


Floatation therapy occurs in a private room with your own personal shower and floatation cabin. The cabin is filled with 12 inches of water, over 800 pounds of Epsom salt, and warmed to the same temperature as your skin. Four feet wide, by 8 feet long, and 7 feet high our cabins are larger than most other floatation devices/tanks on the market. As you lay back you are completely buoyant, able to enjoy an anti-gravity environment for the first time in your life (Unless you have been to outer space)! Floatation is usually enjoyed between 60-90 minutes. “Floaters” control the environment within the cabin including lights and music. Our floatation spa offers a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment where clients can soothe away the stress and strain of a hectic lifestyle while replenishing their energy levels.


We comply with stringent health and safety regulations. The water in our cabins is far cleaner than the water in a swimming pool or hot tub because the high concentration of salt creates a sterile environment in which microorganisms cannot survive. Our floatation rooms also include several well-engineered sterilization systems which filter and sanitize the water between each float. Finally, all clients are required to thoroughly shower on-site before entering our float cabins. In addition to all this, we also use an ozonator that kills any bacteria that “may” exist. Salt concentrations are also tested and maintained at a consistent level.


Please contact us for types of massage offered.


Can’t decide between Floatation Therapy and Massage? Book both to Restore your Body & Renew your mind with “The R&R”



Acupuncture is a safe, effective and increasingly popular form of treatment which has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system. Acupuncture offers treatments that are personalized to a patient’s unique constitution, signs, and symptoms. Dr. India uses this non-invasive medical system to both prevent and treat disease. Fine, prepackaged and sterile needles are placed into various “acupoints” activating and balancing the body’s Qi (pronounced chee), which promotes natural healing.

Acupuncture can facilitate the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers) and can improve the following:

-Bodily Pain & Discomfort


-Emotional Well-Being

-Nausea & Vomiting

-Weakened Immune System

-Gastrointestinal Disorders

-Gynecological/Urological Disorders


Reiki is safe, gentle, and when combined with other forms of treatment, works as a catalyst for healing of all types. Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing and are highly effective as a treatment for stress and anxiety. Reiki treatments have been shown to enhance recovery from medical procedures. Since Reiki is the act of channeling life force energy, it can never be harmful. Receiving Reiki is a relaxing experience, like a massage. During a Reiki session you may feel a pleasant tingling sensations, experience radiant warmth, and you may drift off to sleep.