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Valentine's Day

Have to say I was a little skeptical at first , really purchased the package more for my girlfriend than myself .but after the float and the massage , we both left there feeling unbelievable and so relaxed . Friendly service made you feel at home. We will be back!

Anthony Simone


My first time float today, although took some getting used to, I was comfortable from the moment i was greeted by a very nice man (i dont recall his name) but walked me through everything, answered my questions, and truly made me feel calm,comfortable, and excited for my float. Safety was of zero concern everything was clean masks were on and very limited capacity.The water temperature was perfect and the pitch black is really something amazing along with the quiet. Really looking forward to the next float, and the next one and next one.



Though I did not have, the pleasure of using their services because they were completely booked and I was a walk in,just visiting New Paltz, for the weekend. I must give the best review for Joey,their front desk receptionist. Not only did he take the time to direct me towards a great massage somewhere else, but he was kind enough to tell me about nice things to do while in town. Thank you Joey for your Professionalism, words and beautiful spirit. This company is blessed to have such an amazing person in their front desk. I look forward to returning again and enjoying the facilities. Thanks again Joey!! Truly, Nilsa Rivera From The Bronx, NYC.


There is nothing more I could have wanted. The facilities are clean, tranquil, and comfortable. When I got there I was nervous, but that subsided once everything was explained to me. Oh the sandals and ear plugs are top of the line. It was my first time floating. Once I closed the door to my huge suite, I felt like I was in a hotel room. The shampoo and body wash smell so good and the whole place smelled soothing. I did a 90 minute float. After my heart stopped beating loudly and my mind stopped jumping from thought to thought, I fell deep and I could no longer feel my body. My mind was somewhere else. I had visions and phrases repeating in my head or from somewhere else. The best thing about this place is you can adjust it to how you want it. I wanted complete sensory deprivation, but if you don't there is a salt lamp. After I finished I showered and spent some time relaxing in the post float room, which has chocolate, tea,and a journal to write about your experience and you can read other people's experiences too. The people that run this place are so friendly and professional. I will be back. Thank you so much. I feel restored and less chaotic in my head. It's a great tool to add to your self care. I highly recommend the 90 minutes, because it takes some time to get comfortable.

Traci Halpin

My daughter and I spent an afternoon getting massages and experiencing our first float. Joey and Carol were so kind and gracious and it was over all a wonderful experience. I can't wait for my next float and have already recommended it to friends and family.
It is a little piece of heaven!

Diana Bontecou

Calming and Relaxing

We bought two floats as a Christmas present for each other. We had a wonderful eperince fr beginning to end. Haley was very helpful in showing us the ropes since this was our first session. The float was amazing. We were so relaxed we lingered, had a cup of tea and talked together. We will definitely be back.

Scott and Lori Greene

Wow! Very relaxing

My wife treated me to a float and massage for our anerversary I really enjoyed it I have not felt that relaxed and loose since my early 20s. The owners are very nice and set you up for a great experience. Thank u to Johanna for her healing touch. Really appreciate how they give a discount to veterans and Law enforcement and fire. Try it u will like it!

Kris didonna

Valentine's Day

Have to say I was a little skeptical at first , really purchased the package more for my girlfriend than myself .but after the float and the massage , we both left there feeling unbelievable and so relaxed . Friendly service made you feel at home. We will be back!

Anthony Simone

"Just can't say enough!"

This place is a true jewel of the Hudson Valley! Just got back from having my 1st float, followed by the best massage I have ever had. What an experience! Joey was the perfect "first face" when I arrived, explaining how it all worked. Grace was just as wonderful, guiding me in between the steps. Jackie is absolutely expert and clearly works very hard at providing the best care possible. Just amazing~

The place is spotless. The float itself was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and prepared my body for the massage. I highly recommend doing it that way for the most optimum results.

Thank you, Joey, Grace and Jackie, for giving this old body such an incredible break from the every day pain it knows. Thank you for taking your jobs so seriously and for maintaining such a high standard. It was all SO appreciated today!

Linda Isaacs

I have Floated 4 times now and feel like a brand new person. I had many pains throughout my entire body which were completely eliminated after my first float for a total of 24 hours. After that I had some pain come back, but it wasn't the same more sore like I had a great workout. My pain I was having for nearly 9 months has not returned the way it was before floating. My overall everyday constant pain has diminished about 80%,now it is just slight discomfort here and there not all day long like before. I feel stronger am sleeping better and am always counting down the days till I can Float again. This is my new method of healing not only my body but my mind.
I do not like medicine and try to not take it I prefer to heal myself with herbs and now with floating.Floating has been the ONLY place I have been able to quite my mind COMPLETELY and effortlessly. My mind is on constant go mode especially at night and therefor making sleep very rare. Even though I am only floating for an hour to an hour and a half I and even though sometimes I do not drift into a sleep I come out of there feeling better than my broken sleep throughout the whole night. I LOVE floating and will do this for the rest of my life.

allison opstad


To Grace and Joey

I have been to your beautiful establishment twice now. Both times were just wonderful. As I suffer with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disease is. I want to say how wonderful it felt on this aching body. I have been unable to be without pain for over 12 years. No, it did not last forever. Any sort of relief is welcome. And I found it at Mountain Float Spa. THANKYOU .

Eileen Kennedy

Blog post

This was my experience this past weekend - a wonderful opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.


Valentine's Day Treat

Today for valentines day me and my mister had the pleasure of having our first float as well as a massage. I must say what an amazing experience. We left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and completely at peace. Grace and Joey we would like to thank you for the wonderful experience. Your establishment was absolutely beautiful and very inviting and we will definitely be back again. Everyone please if you have a chance give it a try.


Natasha Strickland

"The level of relaxation is miraculous!!"

I floated at the Mountain Float Spa on Thursday. It was a fantastic experience. It is not easy to describe the effects achieved after spending one hour in a "sensory deprivation environment". Try imagining your brain receiving NO information from your senses. It MUST be experienced to be understood. The level of relaxation is miraculous!! Grace and Joe, the owners, make floaters feel completely comfortable, and familiarize them with the simple ritual to get the maximum benefit for their visit to MFS. It is a tremendous value on many levels.

James Quinn

Float Sandwhich happy customer

★★★★★ OMG!!!! it was such an amazing experience. Grace and Joey are wonderful people. They were polite, professional and caring. They made the weekend very memorable. Thank you so much for taking the time to make my birthday present to my best friend, the best ever......
Alison Goodman Bernstein

As a professional athlete, I would have loved to have had access to the most stress-free environment on earth during my career. Imagine being at zero gravity on a daily basis and reaping the benefits of Epsom Salt with no sensory stimulation…healing and euphoric!

Pete O’Brien
(1982-88) Texas Rangers 1st Baseman

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